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Colonoscopy Procedure

ASHRAF M. SUFI provides Colonoscopy procedure that allows doctors to view the interior lining of your large intestine (rectum and colon). This procedure spotlights abnormalities by inserting a flexible tube into your anus and slowly advancing it into the rectum and full length of the colon. While examining the inside of your colon, he can diagnose polyps which are precancerous and can be removed at the same time and sent for pathology. He can also diagnose many other diseases of large colon like carcinoma colon, Colitis or ulceration of the colon  and many others. He can also take the photographs of the abnormalities seen.

During the procedure, you are comfortable and do not have any discomfort as you are sedated by the . After the procedure, their can be feeling of pressure, bloating, or cramping for 15 minutes to 1/2 hour which goes away after eliminating the gas. This vital procedure usually takes 15 to 60 minutes, although two to three hours should be set aside for waiting, preparation, and recovery. There are rarely some complications which are very minimum in the safe hand of Dr. Sufi with 38 years of experience doing this procedure. These can be explained to you at the time of your first consultation visit with Dr. Sufi.

Contact Dr. Sufi in Olney, Maryland, to get your crucial colonoscopy.

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